Sunday, 17 April 2011

12 Reasons why Silver wil continue to outperform Gold

12 Reasons why Silver wil continue to outperform Gold
silver will outperform gold
So far, the silver and gold bulls have proved to be unstoppable. Silver is now touching $43 an ounce while gold is once again at an all time high (this time its $1486 an ounce).

Gold has traditionally been the number one safe haven from inflation but the recent years have shown us that silver packs a bigger punch. Silver has continuously outperformed gold, the question is, will it continue to do so? Here are 12 reasons why it will...[read the full article here]

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  1. Firmly believe silver is a great investment and will really kick on during 2013. Fill your boots now while its available at £21 an ounce.

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