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Will the Silver Price explode?

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Silver Price news - Will the Silver Price explode?

will the silver price explode
We have seen the spot price of silver break through to decade long highs this week. Today, the silver price is £21 (a whopping $34). Is the unrest in the middle East the cause of the price hike? or is silver simply continuing its 6 month bull run?

Avery Goodman (Seeking Alpha) explains a different theory behind the silver price run from $30 to a possible $37. Read the full story here


925 said...

WOW! Silver at over £22 an oz. Who would have known?

Anonymous said...

Someone shot this bull up the backside because silver is not stopping for anything. The manipulation is over if people keep taking their physical. This along with the fed printing and East swelling gives silver a very rich future indeed.

Anonymous said...

Monday will see a pullback to $33

925 said...

Look at it go now! £26.50 an oz

Anonymous said...

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