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UK Sterling Silver Hallmarks Explained

British Silver Hallmarks
Silver Hallmarks from the UK Explained

Sterling silver tableware and jewellery are often hallmarked with various symbols indicating the silver purity, town and date of production.

The Sterling Silver Hallmarks [purity]
The two most important hallmarks to look for when inspecting silver items are the marks of purity. The 925 tells us that the silver item contains 92.5% silver. The British "Sterling Lion" is the true hallmark of British Sterling silver and again, tells us that the item in question contains 92.5% silver.

Silver items can contain both or one of the sterling marks and without them, the item may not be sterling silver.

Britannia Silver Hallmark [purity]
The Britannia hallmark indicates a silver item contains 95.84%       silver. Like with sterling, Britannia silver can also be marked with 958 to indicate its purity.

British Silver Hallmarks [City of origin]
Below is a table containing the hallmarks of British silver and its city of origin:

Silver Hallmark City of origin
Silver Hallmark City of origin

Silver Hallmark Dates
British silver is hallmarked with letters. The letters correspond with a date of manufacture.
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