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The Top 5 Silver Coins to buy for investment purposes

The Top 5 Silver Coins to buy for investment purposes

top 5 silver coins to buy for investment
In today's World, the ever growing silver market provides much choice for the silver bullion enthusiast. Whether you are a coin collector or a silver investor, liquidity of coins can be a priority. In this article we will list the top 5 silver coins to buy for investment purposes.

Note for the UK investor. A 20% VAT is added to all silver bullion purchases in the UK. This cannot be avoided legally. Good news is, when selling your silver bullion on popular auction websites, the VAT and premium can almost always be redeemed with the sale.

Purchasing British silver currency [see below] is a great way to avoid any nasty additions to the price.

american silver eagle
01. The American Silver Eagle [ASE]
35 million ASE's were sold in 2010, proving that the American Silver Eagle is one of the most popular 1 ounce silver bullion rounds available today. The ASE is recognized Worldwide and investing in the coin will give you peace of mind that when it comes to sell, you can easily command the spot price of silver plus a hefty premium.

pre 1920 british silver coins
02. Pre 1920/47 British silver currency
This choice is aimed mainly at UK residents. Pre 1920 British silver currency contains 92.5% [Sterling] silver, pre 1947 contains 50% silver [see Old British Silver Coins Content for more info].

Old British silver coins can often be bought for spot price and below. This makes them highly sought after for UK silver investors. Popular auction websites offer great choice for buyers and sellers, making old British coins an investment 'no-brainer' for their liquidity, not to mention their historical significance.

Pre 1920 coins are the better choice due to their increased silver content [only 7.5% impurities]. If you are a basic investor then try to find the best deals possible. Coins which are in poor condition will have lost a small percentage of their weight but often the price reflects this and bargains can be found.

australian kookaburra 2011
03. Australian 1oz Bullion Rounds [Perth Mint]
The Perth Mint is famous for its beautifully designed silver bullion coins. The most popular coins include: The Koala and the Kookaburra. Both coins are struck with an amazing finish, enough to impress even the most seasoned silver investor.

The coins come with a slightly higher premium than ASE's. This premium is easily regained when re-sold. A must have for any collection.

chinese silver panda
04. Chinese Pandas
We at may be putting our neck on the line with this choice.  Chinese silver Pandas are not renown for their value for money. There are also fears of forgeries in circulation, mainly originating from online auction websites. Cons aside, the Chinese Silver Panda is a collectible bullion coin with much future potential.

Growing Asian markets demanding silver bullion is an upside for liquidity. No Chinese resident will do without their National bullion coin in a collection.

It is also noted that the premiums paid when purchasing Chinese Pandas are also picked up when selling.

austrian silver philharmonic
05. Austrian Philharmonics
Struck by the Austrian mint, Silver Philharmonics are an interesting coin, especially for music lovers. The 1 ounce round is slightly smaller in diameter than its counterparts, with a smooth outer rim, these coins are certainly nice to look at and hold.

Austrian Philharmonics can be purchased at a lower premium than other 1 oz bullion rounds and their popularity is on the increase. One downside is these coins do not state their full silver content [i.e. 999].
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