Saturday, 22 January 2011

10 Year Silver Trend (Based on Spot Price)

The 10 year silver trend

An interesting trend is emerging when we look back at previous silver spot price charts. If the trend continues, we could see a silver price in the region of £25 ($40) by 2012-13. 

The volatility of silver can produce price overshooting within the silver market. If we draw a line over the spot price tops from the past 10 years an almost exact trend is shown.

ten year silver trend
 If we look at the 10 year silver price history, four prominent tops are clearly seen.

The price rise between each peak in the market is around £5 [$7]. If silver sticks to the 10 year trend we can expect to see silver in the region of £25 at the next top.

10 year silver trend
If we look at the ten year trend as a whole, it becomes apparent that the peaks in the price of silver have been every two years. The recent peak of £20 [$31] in December 2010 continued the 10 year trend with a rapid increase in the silver price over a period of 4 months.

When will we see the 5th top?

If we take the silver price tops for the previous ten years, we can assume the following:
2004 - £5 [$8]
2006 - £9 [$15]
2008 - £13 [$22]
2010/11 - £20 [$31]
2012/13 - £25 * [$40]
* Calculated by current exchange rates

What are your thoughts on the 10 year silver trend? As the demand for silver increases Worldwide, could silver see new record highs?


  1. the price of silver rose in the international market because of the financial irregularities that caused worldwide economic downturn in last few years. with every nation trying hard to reinvigorate their economies there are every chances of money moving towards real economic work like investment in infrastructure, energy, industry, a result prices of silver, i think, should not rise like it has in last 3-4 years. rather the speculative and investing forces will sell their holdings and the price may come down.

  2. Your analysis is perfect but it requires that the same trend should keep going on. But market can show any unexpected trend change at any time. But anyhow, it's a good analysis.

  3. Interesting numbers. It just goes to show that buying silver is a great long term investment.

  4. What influence will chinas increase in silver consumption have on silver prices and will there consumption increase further in the next few years?

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