Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Silver Reserves VS Demand

Silver Reserves VS Demand
silver supply vs demand
The 30 year silver diet 

Investors and silver bugs have been contemplating the total reserves of silver left on the planet vs. silvers demand. Looking at the figures, it seems that at the current rate of demand for silver, stockpiles could be used up within 30 years.

Silver Reserves
The known reserves of silver as of 2009 are 12,860,000,000 ounces [source]

Silver Demand [Industrial Only]
The average demand for silver per year is 385,400,000 ounces [source]

From this we are left with a chilling fact. Going by the known reserves of silver and its demand per year, the reserves will last 33 years. Do not forget, the demand figure above is for industrial usage only. This means that silver stockpiles could be depleted in even less time.
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