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Silver Content in old British coins

British coins silver content
british silver coins
It is not surprising that the precious metal silver was used in common currency until recently. Most believe silver should still be used as currency. After all, it is money with real value.

Please find below a rough guide to the real silver content in old British coins.

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Old British Silver coins - Silver content
When buying old British silver coins, there is a rule of thumb:

Pre 1920 British silver coins - Silver content: 92.5% [Sterling Silver]
1920-1947 British silver coins - Silver content: 50%
1947 and above, British silver coins contain no silver.

Silver content of old British coins [Individual coin values]

 Pre 1920 British Sterling Coins Silver Content

Coin Denomination Silver content [Troy ounce]
brisitsh silver 3 pence coin

3 pence 0.0420

brisitsh silver 6 pence coin
6 pence 0.0842
brisitsh silver shilling coin
Shilling 0.1682
brisitsh silver florin coin

Florin 0.3365
brisitsh silver half crown coin
Half Crown 0.4206
brisitsh silver double florin coin
Double Florin* 0.6728
brisitsh silver crown coin

Crown 0.8409
Coin Denomination Silver content [Troy ounce]

* Double Florins were only in circulation between 1887-1890
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