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Scrap Sterling Silver Spot Price

Monday, 13 December 2010

Scrap Sterling Silver Spot Price
sterling silver crown coin
"Sterling silver" refers to silver with a purity of 92.5%. 7.5% is other metals which usually includes copper.

The scrap value will always be less than the spot price of fine silver. 

Scrap Sterling Silver Spot Price

Scrap sterling silver, as a rule of thumb, will sell from £3.00 - £0.50 [$US 4-6] below the current silver spot price.
Dealers may offer more [or less], depending on the circumstances.

For calculating the scrap price on a large scale you may find this tool useful.

What is your sterling silver worth?
Although (Scrap) Sterling Silver may not command a price higher than the spot price, bullion/Coin Sterling silver can be sold in a lot of cases for more than the spot price of silver. You will find many old UK silver coins [crowns, florins, shillings] will sell for a collectors price rather than a scrap price. Sterling silver jewellery may also sell for more than its silver value, along with antique cutlery and the like.

It is always best to research your sterling silver goods before selling them as they may be worth more than you are lead to believe.

Sell your sterling silver
For a free quote on your scrap sterling silver please send details to
*UK only, payments made via Paypal or Cheque.

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