Monday, 20 December 2010

Sales of American Silver eagles go "through the roof"

american silver eagle 2010 1 ounce coin
The American Silver Eagle 2010 1 ounce bullion coin
2010 has been an amazing year for the American silver eagle 1 ounce coin. 2009 saw sales in the region of 28 million. The United States Mint has declared 2010 sales are topping 32 million! That is a 4 million sale increase on what was already a record.

Sales tell a tale for silver

Could this be the "tell tale" sign of a full blown silver frenzy? Silver has risen in price by $10 in the past 4 months, sales of 1 ounce silver eagles have gone through the roof. While the public wises up to the potential of silver investments, future prices are being predicted at $50 a troy ounce.

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