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Thursday, 30 September 2010

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Sell silver!
sell your silver uk provides the up-to-date silver spot price in UK GBP pound sterling. We will also buy your silver at competitive prices, paying you above spot. [UK ONLY]

We buy above spot - Check out our buy back prices!
We at try to give you the best deal on your silver. Our profit margins are substantially lower than the competitions, so contact us today for a free quote on your silver.

Cut out the middle man
Poplular auction websites will charge you a final value fee on your sales. Avoid these fees along with postage costs when you sell your scrap silver to We will send you a return envelope (Special delivery) to send us your silver. You will then receive a cheque or instant payment via Paypal.

As of November 2011, we would typically pay you  £24.25 for 1 troy ounce of 999 fine silver bullion. 
Includng: Libertads, ASE's, Maple Leafs, Kooks and Koalas.

Sell Silver - Best Prices given for your silver!
All quoted prices are per ounce
999 silver coins - We will pay you £2.50 above spot
900 silver coins - We pay Spot
925 silver coins (fine condition and above) - £1.50 above spot
925 silver coins (fair and below condition) - We pay Spot
925 sterling jewellery and silverware - Contact us for a quote

Cheque or Paypal?
We will mail you a return envelope to send us your silver. Once received, you will be paid by one of two methods.

For peace of mind, we can send your payment via Paypal.
Don't like the fees? then we will send you a cheque in the post (recorded delivery).

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silver true store of value Silver, a true store of value From ancient currencies, to massive industrial usage. Silver is still one of the top stores of value.
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